This piece was made for a friend who asked if I could make a necklace around a shell she found on vacation!


I have been making jewelry for as long as I remember.  As a small child, I used pine needles to make curly ques.  In elementary school, I used the inside of telephone wire to create some very cute sets of twisted wire in any primary color.  I sold the sets for $1 and bought myself and my brother candy!

When I started teaching, I wanted a lanyard for my ID badge, but I could find nothing that I liked.  I quickly got out my tools and made my own.  Soon other teachers were wanting one.  Another teacher, who jokingly calls me her personal jeweler, often brings me pictures to inspire a piece for her. 

My husband jokes and tells people that he is glad that I bead, because it requires me to sit still for at least 5 minutes.  I believe that it is a great hobby for those who need a break from chaos.  Baby Bug Beads is the “company name” because our daughter usually strings at least one bead and always offers her suggestions and compliments.  (She is 3 years old!!)

With those things in mind, please feel free to look at the pieces I have here, both available and gone.  Got a request?  Email me at [email protected]